Toward a PROSPER State Partnership Network: Building Infrastructure and Capacity

The project facilitated infrastructure development and built capacity for diffusion of state-based partnerships, thus laying the groundwork for creating a network of participating states. The project addressed the following aims:

Aim 1. To select 10 states with which to develop infrastructure and build capacity for implementation of the PROSPER State Partnership Model, including in-depth capacity and resource assessments at state (CES, departments of education, health, juvenile justice) and community levels, capacity planning, and capacity building—including awareness building, organizational networking, leadership networking, resource generation, and introductory training to the Model.

Aim 2. To select 5 of the 10 states that are most ready, to further build capacity for actual PROSPER State Partnership implementation, including advanced training to the Model.

Aim 3. To build the capacity of the PROSPER Network team to provide training, technical assistance and other support to states, including a web-based process and outcome evaluation system.

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