Our Research

To expand the evidence base on the effectiveness of prevention, positive youth development, and health promotion interventions for youth, adults, families and communities.

This includes examination of:

  • How interventions produce their outcomes
  • What factors influence the effectiveness of interventions
  • What economic benefits interventions provide
  • What cultural adaptations improve intervention effectiveness

To evaluate engagement of youth, adults, and families in evidence-based prevention and health promotion intervention projects

To evaluate community-school-university partnership approaches to dissemination of evidence-based prevention, positive youth development, and health promotion interventions, including factors related to quality delivery and sustainability


  1. Factors in local adoption of, and participation in, scientifically-tested programs;
  2. Factors in sustained, quality implementation of these programs;
  3. Outcomes of these programs for diverse populations, as well as factors influencing outcomes;
  4. Effective partnership processes and their influence on positive program outcomes.