Past Projects

Adoption and Implementation Support Innovations for PROSPER Partnership-Based EBI Delivery Network

This project was focused on developing a translational network of state-based partnerships among schools, communities, and universities, designed for broad implementation of universal, evidence-based interventions (EBIs) for youth and their families. This network is based on the PROSPER (PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience) Partnership Model (PPM) for the dissemination of EBIs.

Toward a PROSPER State Partnership Network: Building Infrastructure and Capacity

The project facilitated infrastructure development and built capacity for diffusion of state-based partnerships, thus laying the groundwork for creating a network of participating states.

Project Family

Initiated in 1993, it is a longitudinal efficacy study to evaluate two family-focused interventions, Guiding Good Choices and Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14, designed to prevent adolescent substance abuse and other problem behaviors. Multimethod, multi-informant measurement procedures were employed for collecting data when participants were at 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grades.

PROSPER Economic Analysis

This project performed economic analyses of adolescent substance use preventive intervention efforts led by local community teams in the context of a community-university extension partnership dissemination model.

Development of a Family Health Promotion Program

The goals of this project were to develop a Family Health Promotion (FHP) program, evaluate the feasibility of its implementation, and conduct a preliminary short-term efficacy evaluation of the FHP program for enhancing intervention-targeted parenting strategies, child self-efficacy and intentions for engaging in healthy dietary behaviors and higher levels of physical activity, as well as actual health behavior changes.


This project was a replication study of Iowa Strengthening Families Program, called the Strengthening Families Program For Parents and Youth 10-14, with African-American families.